The Fight Against Melanoma

The mission of The FAM is to raise awareness of the severity of melanoma and fund research to find a cure. We will carry this out by educating the public on warning signs and precautions that can be taken to decrease the mortality rate of melanoma victims. The FAM was founded in January of 2012 in hopes to become a large well known non-profit agency that will help fight melanoma until there is a cure and rates start decreasing.

The FAM was started based on a personal diagnosis in the Bullard family. To hear more of the details about the personal story from which this foundation was inspired, please click on “Jackie” page.

There are ways to prevent other families from going through what my family has had to endure, and The FAM hopes to provide education and awareness so others don’t have to fight. We hope to provide first hand education based on personal experience and other research.  We also knew the dangers of sun exposure but did not understand the deadly effects of skin cancer. It is not as simple as removing one spot in a few years and it being gone or as easy as removing a mole once every 5 years.

Melanoma is a serious, fast growing and under researched cancer that kills one person every hour. It is my hope that The FAM will help people realize that living a long healthy life is better then having a tan or is worth taking the time to apply sunscreen.  

We were blessed to have a great support system through this experience and all the doctors have told us that the families support is one of the main reasons cancer patients fight so hard to beat cancer and live as long as they do after diagnose.  Not all people are that lucky so we have decided to provide them with The FAM. We will support education as well as medical research and eventually hope to be able to help individual families.